Dear Lonestar Masonry Repair

First, we would like to say that JR and Eric are real pros. As you know, Lonestar Masonry Repair did a great job when they added the missing chimney cap and mortar.   This had stopped the rain from coming down into the firebox until we had our first big storm. We called and asked you to come back to see why the rain was still coming into our fireplace. And JR and Eric did just that and they found out that there was a hole in our old flashing! Not only had they come out on the morning of the Eclipse, they did not even charge us for the call and the leak test. Now that’s what we call excellent customer service!  Thank you Lonestar!

Doug and Jenny Johnston

Fabulous job by Lone Star Masonry Repair! I’m very pleased with the fixing of the cracks in the brick and the look of the “slurry coat” complete coverage. It’s transformed the courtyard from a boring and oppressive red brick cave to Greek mountainside villa resort luxury living. Really brightens up the place, which was my goal considering this 2-story enclosed courtyard gets very little sun.

R.Kret – Fort Worth, Texas

I had to have my foundation repaired and after the work was complete I had cracked brick and crumbling mortar. Lonestar Masonry Repair came out and replaced the broken brick and matched the mortar. My house looks like it did 15 years ago! They are a top notch company and I highly recommend them if you want the best repair specialists.

Marco A. – Fort Worth, Tx

I am very pleased with the work done by Lonestar Masonry Repair. They were able to achieve a seamless brick & mortar repair on our home, which I know helped us sell our house even faster. They are knowledgeable and reliable.

Lamar P. – Burleson, Tx

I recently had a great experience with Lonestar Masonry Repair. I emailed them photos of my problem areas and they quickly responded to set up a free estimate. They repaired damaged/aging brick and mortar in various spots around my home and patio. Jose and his team were professional and kept me informed of their work progress as they went. I highly recommend them!

Smith- McKinney, TX

Just want to thank you for a great job. From the time you came out and gave me an estimate,to when you came out and did the job, everyone was very professional. Showed up when you said,and finished in the time you said. Very happy with the workmanship and the people. Definately recommend your company to friends and family. Thanks

Ken- Burleson, TX

Our home was built in 1980. Somehow over the years a brick came missing from the outside entryway. (No Idea how.) I spoke to Charity and she was very nice, willing to help, and very informative. Today Jr and his assistant arrived on time and ready to go. They went above and beyond our expectations and that is kind of hard to do. That all being said..I would and will recommend Lonestar Masonry Repair and call them for any of my future Masonry needs

Frank S. – Fort Worth, TX

I could not be happier with the overall professionalism of Lonestar Masonry Repair. From my initial phone call to their office which included the scheduling of an inspection of the areas needing repair, through the actual inspection process (which was conducted on the date and time when it was scheduled) and included a detailed description of the areas needing repair and the process which would be used to repair those areas, the entire operation was absolutely first rate!

I had earlier contacted the Fort Worth office of another masonry repair company (which shall remain un-named) with offices in Dallas and San Antonio, and a very impressive website (!), and had scheduled a free inspection and cost estimate with them. I was given a date and time for that initial visit and was told that I would receive a phone call prior to the visit. Unfortunately, when the date and time for the initial visit arrived, I received no phone call…no one came to our property…and, after waiting a couple hours, I called the Fort Worth office, only to be told that they didn’t know if the person who was to conduct the visit would come to our residence or not, and that they didn’t know if they could even contact him. They said that they would try to contact him, would try to determine whether he was planning to visit us that day or not, and that they would then call me back. After waiting several more hours and not receiving a call, I again called their Fort Worth office, only to be told that they had not been able to contact the individual. They asked if I wished to re-schedule another visit, and I told them to “forget it”!

At that time, I called Lonestar Masonry Repair because of a flyer which I had received in the mail a few days earlier.

I am an engineer, and when I have work done on our home, I want to know exactly what needs to be repaired, why those areas need to be repaired and also what caused the need for repairs. Then, I want to know how the repairs will be conducted, what materials will be used, and a reasonable expectation for the life of the repairs.

Lonestar went to great lengths to provide me with all of the information which I sought, both during the initial inspection and during the repair process itself.

The actual work in removing and replacing the mortar was handled professionally and their workmanship is excellent. As an aside, I appreciated the fact that the work crew took the necessary safety precautions to minimize risks to their health and also to prevent damage to our property.

The removal of the old mortar does create dust and some noise. They are considerate of that fact, and do not begin work in the morning until you and your neighbors are awake and off to work. And they inform you beforehand that you may wish to notify your neighbors of the dust that will be created.

They matched the existing mortar perfectly, and the quality of the mortar which they used is far superior to the original mortar used to build our house…which, by the way, is less than 10 years old.

I’m not a bricklayer or stone mason, but I appreciated both the explanation which they provided regarding how bricklayers and stone masons SHOULD build a home and also the process which they used for replacing the damaged mortar. Again, this is a very professional operation and they obviously take great pride in their workmanship.

And, finally, they clean up their mess! Removing the old mortar, and replacing it with new mortar, is dirty work. But, they left the premises at the completion of the job as clean as when they arrived.

Overall, I could not have been more pleased with Lonestar Masonry Repair…from my initial contact I knew that this was a very professional operation and their workmanship proved that out. They do WHAT they say they will do, they do it WHEN they say they will do it, and they keep you informed of WHY they are doing what they do.

I would recommend Lonestar Masonry Repair without hesitation.

JL- Burleson, TX

Great job! I had new windows installed and all the brick window seals fell out. The installer had to chalk them in place. Lone Star took them all out and replace and matched the mortar color. Very happy with quality.

Buddy S.-Cleburne, TX

From the detailed estimate to their meticulous work, JR and Ryan “transformed” my house all along the front and made it safe again with their beautiful repair. They were both patient in all their explanations, so professional, and went the “extra mile” in all they did. I can’t imagine calling anyone else for future work and would rate Lonestar Masonry Repair at double whatever the highest rating is. I am so thankful I chose them!

Susan P.-North Richland Hills, TX

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