German Smear: Old Technique, New Look

Is your home in dire need of a unique but classy makeover? Are you looking for new ways to level up the design and look of your exterior brick? Let us introduce to you the German smear technique.

The German Smear or Schmear, finish is a type of mortar wash. It involves troweling mortar onto a brick wall and then wiping some of it off to expose parts of the brick. It’s a popular choice both for homeowners wanting to remodel an older home as well as people looking for some upscale sophistication on a newly constructed home. And of course, any time you improve curb appeal, you’re increasing the value of a home. Keep in mind that this may not be the full layer of paint you typically imagine: techniques like German schmear (a type of mortar wash) also make a big impact.

German smear is permanent and does not fade, which makes it easy to clean without worry of erosion or upkeep. German schmear is a technique that may weather but will continue to last for many many years. Some people may, eventually, want to freshen up their look, but most people find that they love the look even more with weathering and age.

One of the beautiful things about this effect is that it doesn’t have to look perfect and isn’t supposed to be uniform. So it may not ever need touching up or maintenance in your lifetime.

This effect provides an old-world German cottage or European castle look that many homeowners find nostalgic and charming. It connotes a sense of connection to past weather-worn construction that stands the test of time.

Most of all, it adds character to new construction to give a welcoming feeling rather than an institutional, cold, or impersonal atmosphere.

Not only can you German smear your house exterior, but you can also enjoy a German smear fireplace or interior brick walls. This look goes well with Farmhouse-style, Craftsman-style, Industrial-style homes, and more. Another option? German smear on stone.

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