Brick and Mortar Repair

Lonestar Masonry Repair specializes in evaluating and repairing brick cracks, mortar cracks, and foundation corner cracks. Clients often inquire about the warranty or guarantee on our workmanship for repairs.

The occurrence of mortar, brick, or foundation corner cracks is commonly attributed to soil movement in North Texas. While we can restore them to their original appearance, the underlying cause, such as ground shifting, may lead to recurring issues.

Homes susceptible to cracks from ground movement may require regular maintenance to prevent further damage. Neglected mortar cracks can worsen over time, resulting in significant structural issues and costly repairs.

Our expertise in brick repair and restoration allows us to address cracks without removing the brick, using durable colored mortar that closely matches the original brick color. By meticulously grinding out cracked mortar joints and applying high-strength mortar, we ensure a lasting repair that reinforces the structure.

Our repair techniques are endorsed by experienced masonry professionals and have been proven effective over the years. However, we cannot guarantee that cracks won’t reappear, as external factors like foundation shifts or extreme weather conditions can impact the integrity of the repairs.

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